Sponsor a child’s secondary education

The EFB child sponsorship programme inj Nkhata Bay, Malawi, is proving successful but we are always looking for more sponsors. It’s an essential part of the service which we are able to offer in Malawi where the World Health Organisation estimates that there may be up to 650,000 orphans due to HIV/AIDS. The outlook for orphaned children can be bleak but even relatively small sums can really make a difference. Sponsorship allows children to continue their school education and to be retained within the kin networks often looked after by members of their extended family.

Sponsoring a child is a fantastic way of helping and integrating with the community. One of the most rewarding parts of sponsoring is that you can see directly where your money is going and what it is doing. Some sponsors prefer to remain anonymous but we would also be keen for you as the sponsor to be in contact with the child and will encourage the child to write and send pictures to you. Sponsors would also be more than welcome to visit us in person if they are travelling in Africa and the children would love the opportunity to meet you.

Child sponsorship can offer a valuable cultural exchange. We can try to match up a candidate child’s age with that of a donor’s children’s age which can further the educational and fulfilling relationship for both child and donor.

If you wish to travel within Africa, the child you sponsor would love the opportunity to meet you, should the opportunity arise for you to visit Nkhata Bay.